Why volunteering is for you

Through its Bilingual Volunteering Program, ACFA Régionale de Calgary enables you to help and connect with local organizations and put your skills to good use.

Volunteering allows you to gift others your time according to your skills, your interests, and your goals.

Generously donating your time to your community through simple actions has a great impact on the lives of thousands of people.


By getting involved and volunteering, you:

  • Make yourself useful, blossom, and discover your true potential. It is very rewarding to help your peers. By gifting your time to your community, you help people and organizations in need of support. This creates a profound feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment.
    Whether you are a student, working professionally, unemployed, or retired, volunteering helps you gain confidence as you perform tasks and develop and learn skills that you perhaps never knew you had.
  • Meet other people. Volunteering allows you to grow your network, both on a social and professional level. By volunteering, you can escape solitude and spend time with people that share similar passions as you, or that can help you gain professional opportunities.
  • Better integrate yourself in a new city. If you have recently moved to a new area, volunteering will help you discover your new region and quickly adapt to its way of life.
  • Strengthen your professional skills. Volunteering allows you to remain engaged and grow as you share and gain knowledge from others. If you are new to Canada, you can also gain first-hand Canadian experience. Also, thanks to your skills and human qualities, the organizations you will be volunteering with will serve as references that will be useful when looking for employment.
  • Contribute to the development of your community. By dedicating yourself to your community, you offer your skills and talents, whether linguistic or other, to the success of organizations. It is always a pleasure to help and share with others.

Don’t wait any longer, come share your joie de vivre by offering your talents to the francophone community of Calgary!