The Project

French is one of the two official languages ​​of Canada. Nearly 100,000 bilingual individuals live in the Greater Calgary Region, one-third of whom are French-speaking. On top of that,we must also consider the many adults and young people actively learning French.

The Association Canadienne-française de l’Alberta (ACFA) Régionale de Calgarycreated this virtual volunteer portal as well as its services to fill a need in the search for and coordination of volunteers in French. This portal facilitates the coordination and management of bilingual volunteers. It also allows bilingual volunteers and organizations looking for bilingual volunteers in the Calgary area to find each other more easily.

The Benefits

The needs of bilingual people can vary: they want to learn, utilize their skills and abilities, share or practice their French, challenge themselves, acquire new knowledge and skills, and further their social network. Volunteering can meet these needs!

The volunteers of this portal can bring a bilingual aspect to events! They can help organizations build stronger and broader relationships in the community and be excellent ambassadors for organizations in promoting bilingualism.

This program promotes community vitality and inclusion.

The portal allows volunteers to expand their networks in Calgary and develop a sense of belonging to their community. They can also pass on their knowledge or improve their French skills during your events.

The Goals

  • Promote volunteering in French and bilingualism in the Greater Calgary Region
  • Strengthen organizations’ ability to utilizebilingual volunteers
  • Establishthe link between bilingual volunteers and our partners
  • Give Francophones and Francophiles the opportunity to interact in French, thus promoting intercommunity integration